Miłego czytania!

Welcome to the Global server Next-Stage built by a team of the best map makers and programmers. We invite you to test the game's plot.

Everyone will find their way to the best!

[Obrazek: 7z402Ko.png]

Free entry to Scarlett Etzel / Urmahlullu the Weakened
Npc with imbuement items

Prey System

Bestiary Charms

Excercise items

Wiki Next-Stage

Thais Bosses

Winter/Summer Update

Money for up lvl

Reward System


Time doubler in rings/amulets/boots

Free entry to Falcon Bastion

Mount for start

Weekend bonus EXP 50%

XP stages: 1-99 lvl - x120 | 100-139 lvl - x60 | 160-299 lvl - x15 | 300-359 lvl - x6 | 360-379 lvl - x5 | 380-499 lvl - x3 | 500+ lvl - x2 [remastered] - Free Issavi - Cobra bastion / Version 10-12. - Bestiary Charms, - Week Exp, Join in Discord for news. - Free 500 Tibia Coins for playing first week, - Free 1.000 Tibia Coins for playing first month, Codes for free 250 tibia coins: Next-Stage-073 (write to GM or Tutor in game)